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SSG Engineering started in 2003 providing design and construction management services in post war environments under very harsh conditions, where not many companies were able to perform. SSG Engineering took on the task and had to rely on very creative solutions to deliver the projects on time and within budget. During this process, we were able to develop special solutions while taking advantage of existing managerial tools to respond to many unusual situations. This experience has given SSG Engineering managers and personnel the vision required to respond to very difficult situation while being able to develop plans to avoid such conditions. This has benefited our clients with projects delivered with high quality, on time and within budget. We have all the tools for a harmonious concert starting from design to a completed project that satisfies the client and is an asset to the community it is built in.

What we do during the Coronavirus pandemic

SSG values its employees’ safety the most. We also put our clients first. At times like the current pandemic, we take responsibility to create a balance between these seemingly conflicting values. SSG is aware that many small businesses have not been able to adapt to the current situation and have been forced to go out of business. However, as we have demonstrated in our ability to work in the most volatile environments, we are among those few businesses that are determined to push forward through undesirable situation. We have been following the health and safety directives of the authorities to the fullest, and at the same time, have developed a complicated schedule to continue performing the projects of our clients. Most of the design and estimation work is done by our employees from home, and some of the engineering inspections and site visits are done on site after coordinating with local authorities and taking all health and safety precautions. We truly believe that working together we can pass these hard times and benefit from the experience to create better communities and society.



We are global, with clients in the US, Europe, Africa and across the Middle East.

We have a fascination and high regard for the social and environmental differences of various cultures and communities. Therefore, we design and model with these unique differences in mind.

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