Architectural Design

Architectural Design


With over 15 years of growing knowledge sourced from various projects including residential renovations, single house, multi-family houses, hospitality, office, commercial, educational, and restaurant work we have learned to support our clients with a comprehensive vision that brings out the hidden potential in each and every project.
All projects, sites and clients have a story to tell. Stories that start with ideas and dreams, and turn into reality. We like to think that we have had a share in these architectural design stories and have turned quite a few into realities.
We continue to provide design excellence clearly focused on being visually engaging, contextually responsive to the community, and timeless.

Our Architectural Design capabilities include:

  • Conceptual Design
  • Exterior Design
  • Design Development
  • Landscape Design
  • Detailed Design and Drawings Production
  • Technical Specifications
  • 3D Visualization, Animation, and Walk-Throughs
  • Virtual Reality


Conceptual design, also called Preliminary Design, Initial Consultation and Design, or Building Program and Site Analysis, is of great importance in the overall design process since design conception highly influences the architectural requirements.

If you’re looking to construct a building, whether it be residential, hospitality or for any other purpose, this is where you would have to start.

This is where we analyze the building site and gather information from everything that you’ve provided about your design ideas, budget, and housing needs to develop a detailed “program,” which is a written statement of your needs and design goals. Putting it all together, we come up with key concepts and rough sketches showing the size, general layout, the appearance of the building and how it fits into the building site. We communicate clearly with you about what you think is important in the design. You save time and money because we try to understand your needs and work closely with you. In other words, we try to see through your eyes and interpret your desires into technical phrases and drawings.


The exterior design of your home, your retail shop or any other building can be a complex process of color selections, materials, matching shapes and lines— it is not a job for rookie designers.

Have you ever wondered what makes a building exterior visually appealing? What would cause passers-by to stop and think ‘Hey, that’s gorgeous !?’ It is not as simple as going for a new color. Your exterior makeover will be complicated, requiring new colors and materials as well as you having to work with shapes, lines and landscaping.

So yes, those jaw-dropping homes or shopping centers have followed some key design principles. Every design, interior or exterior, needs to follow some simple “rules” of design for the final outcome to be visually appealing.


After the general concept of the design is ready, we will be ready for 3D visualization to render out a number of images for you.

Every designer must know how to explain design ideas to clients accurately and clearly, because some clients might not even know exactly what they want. However this task can be very challenging since you can’t always explain complex design ideas verbally. Also, if the project is really challenging, you have to control the implementation procedure, so that the whole thing goes according to the plan.

Architectural Rendering Services can serve as a preview of the design or can be useful if you need to show precisely what your project will look like based on a final design incorporating selected materials and precise landscaping.

Our rendering techniques vary to best fit your project, the stage of your development, timeline and budget.


Before you start building, you need a complete set of plans that are detailed drawings production with adequate implementation detail.

These are detailed drawings or shop drawing (blueprints) and written specifications or “specs” that should be detailed enough to get apples-to-apples bids from the contractors, who will produce essentially the same building. Detailed drawings are also needed to obtain a building permit. Some plans and specs are very precise and highly detailed, which means that we have thought through nearly every little issue the contractor will face.


We create integrative experiences with the use of disruptive technologies that are rapidly changing the marketplace. Our team makes custom-built virtual environments that can be explored with Virtual Reality (VR) headsets such as Samsung GearVR and Oculus Rift. The result is a riveting experience that bridges the gap between pre-built conception and the post-constructed reality.


Landscape Design is much more than just plunking a tree in your front yard. Most often it is well-placed plants and paths that add that wow appeal to a building, making it stand out in the area.

Another important aspect of landscaping is lighting. Do not let your home fade into darkness. Proper lighting is very important for home safety and nighttime appeal. Aside from the obvious light fixtures on your doorways and garage doors, other outdoor lights should be placed around your home.

It is difficult to know which plants to choose for your landscape or how to light up the surrounding area, so give us a call for expert advice.